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buy modafinil online uk forum ABOUT “Da’ Fashion Hub”

Da’Fashion Hub through its innovative approach is changing the fashion industry. At Da’Fashion Hub strive to incorporate environmental issues into our business strategies while reinforcing our competitive advantages by embracing innovations that can have positive environmental effects. Da’Fashion Hub brings a new innovative approach, and is through the promotion of an organic wear, active wear and recycled materials (recycled polyester) used in manufacturing of green clothing.

At Da’Fashion Hub, our motto is buy Lyrica generic go-green-go-organic. We all consume organic food, and many times we strive many lengths to either source or take innovative approaches to produce it, so why not wear organic clothing? Wear cotton that is one hundred percent organic and wear active clothing that is one hundred percent environment friendly. Built on such principles, Da’Fashion Hub with its headquarters in northern Virginia, started its first venture in October of 2016.

In today’s fashion industry, standards and quality benchmarking are crucial to bringing a go-green innovation and appropriate quality adherence is highly important aspect in driving the green eco-friendly fashion industry.

Da’Fashion Hub’s recycled polyester clothing is manufactured with techniques that process recycled plastic bottles that are usually thrown away. Plastic is one of the most prolific types of waste. It is extremely hard to break down and so the best way to reuse it is by melting and repurposing it. Da’Fashion Hub and its manufacturers accomplish this by making unwanted plastic into polyester yarn. Plastic bottles are among the most common items repurposed for the yarn, as most of them are clear and make the best base for dyeing our product’s certain colors. Plastic bottles are shredded and turned into pellets that are then melted and spun into polyester yarn to make all of our polyester clothing.

Da’Fashion Hub’s “Organic yoga wear” embraces a modern yogi, uniting the mind, body and spirit. The colors, cuts and fits are consistent and beautiful both on the mat and off. This brand focuses on living our existence to the fullest! Yoga should do more than just center you, it should inspire you to live a conscious life of honesty, simplicity and integrity. Our products also reinsure a conscious knowledge of how YOU affect the planet.

Our organic yoga wear not only creates inner peace within but also makes you feel the energy you are made of. Da’Fashion Hub’s organic yoga and active wear promotes the above principles. Our organic cotton is made of natural breathable organic yarn which is produced from non-genetically modified plants that are grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.

When compared to two independent studies of conventional cotton, organic Cotton was found to have:

  • – 46% reduced global warming potential
  • – 70% less acidification potential
  • – 26% reduced eutrophication potential (soil erosion)
  • – 91% reduced blue water consumption (water withdrawn from groundwater or surface water bodies)

All our products are environmental friendly, and each product has been inspected with the highest quality control and Dajabón GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) certified.