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Our Mission

buy gabapentin online overnight uk OUR GOAL:

The main goal of this our fashion collection is to create awareness about issues such as ‘global warming’ and using ‘sustainable materials’ thus making a way for the coming generations to wear and embrace go-green-go-organic.

Kovancılar Why Organic?

The reasons for using sustainable material such as ‘organic cotton’ are:

  • To make it safe for the public health and the environment
  • Have sustainable production and manufacturing in order to create a healthy and profitable industry for the growers, retailers and all users of the cotton products.
  • Making all generations aware of the word organic which has links with “Green and Clean” whereby forming a source of inspiration for other designers to work on the green lines and contributing to improve global warming. OUR VISION

  • Making the environment eco-friendly
    • Synthetic fibers are both polluting and energy-intensive. Organically produced fibers are less polluting and are better for the eco system.
  • Increases clothing life
    • The organic fabrics that are not chemically produced have a higher lifespan than synthetic fibers. So, it encourages sustainability in not only what you buy but how often you buy.
  • Making your life long
    • Organic clothing keeps you away from wearing chemicals which in a way is better for your body and health. Thus, showing the world that you care about others, the environment and that it matters to you where your clothing comes from and how it’s produced. This goes along with what it means to be passionate about the yoga lifestyle. You care about your inner peace, as well as, the peace of your surroundings & home.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
    • The fabric of this organic yoga wear is amazingly comfortable and thick enough to avoid any sheerness. These are lightweight, relaxing and s breathable fabrics that allows for you to sweat it out while still maintaining enough of an airy feel to maintain that comfort.
reduced global warming potential 100%
less acidification potential 100%
reduced eutrophication potential (soil erosion) 100%
reduced blue water consumption 100%
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